Highland Games

We had a great time at the Highland Games on Nantucket the weekend of May 5. We took the Friday afternoon ferry with hundreds of other scouts and then walked through town to Camp Richard. We wore kilts with the color of our clan. The games on Saturday included traditional Scottish Highland games of caber toss, stone put, sheaf toss, battle axe throw, archery, farmers walk, bucksaw, cairn construction and Welly toss. Dinner was a pig roast plus Dutch oven dessert contest which was followed by a bonfire. Weather was sunny and mild.

Patriot’s Day 2018

We camped out in Acton, MA with a bunch of other troops for a Patriot’s Day jamboree. The weather was cold and wet. It was the coldest April 16 on record, breaking the previous 1880 record. It was colder than our Winter camping trip and our Klondike Derby earlier this year. The scouts still managed to make a delicious dinner  of chicken alfredo and have fun playing catch. The troop from Concord helped us setup camp and invited us over to their campfire.

The sleet and wind were strong overnight and we woke up to a coating of ice all over. Everyones tent held up.

The plan for Monday morning was to walk the Issac Davis trail from Acton to the North Bridge in Concord and watch the reenactment. But the reeactment was cancelled and with heavy rain coming soon, we decided to pack up camp early and head home.

Winter Camping 2018

On March 3, we camped below the Sandwich Mountains in NH. We hiked with our backpacks for about 1 mile to a cabin by a stream. The snow was 1 to 2 feet deep and compact enough that we didn’t need snowshoes. After setting up camp and having lunch, we hiked 6 miles to Beede Falls. It was mild in the mid 40’s and many of us overheated on the hike and took off coats. We cooked dinner on the stove in the cabin and then had a big campfire. Overnight it didn’t get too cold, only down to 31, but still cold enough for some cold feet!

Downhill Ski Trip

We skied at Crotched Mountain in southern NH on Feb 24, 2018. Mild temps in the mid 40’s and some sun made for comfortable conditions but a bit slushy in spots.

Klondike Derby 2018

Two-man saw

Fire building speed test to burn string above fire

Klondike Derby was held at Camp Squanto on Jan 27, 2018. Mild temps meant for no snow. Our new sled is nice and light but needs more clearance to get over the pine needles and bumps. Competing with troops from around MA, our troop did very well in a series of challenges including bowline rescue, bear bag toss, turkey shoot, etc.







Sled race

Teamwork on simulated stream crossing


Sandy Neck camping trip

The weekend of Sept 9, 2017, we camped at Sandy Neck park. We hiked to camp for a few miles along the beach. For the way back, we hiked along the marsh. There are nice campsites sheltered behind the dunes among some pines. Park staff supplied camp with water and firewood.