Blue Hills hike

We did a hiking day trip to Blue Hills Reservation. Starting from the eastern side from Rt 28, we traversed the whole range to reach Great Blue Hill. We made a loop going on the northern trail on the way out and the southern trail on the way back for a total over 8 miles. The views Boston were nice.

Bike trip

On a beautiful sunny day, we biked nearly 50 miles on the rail trail. First we went to the eastern end of the rail trail. Then we went north to Deepwater Hot Dog stand run by Tamer’s dad for some hot dogs, chips and drinks that really hit the spot. After the bike ride, we setup camp on the beach at White Pond and went for a swim. We cooked hot dogs over the fire for our 2nd hot dog meal of the day. For breakfast, we cooked bacon and bagels.

Cape Cod local hikes

On a hot and sunny day, we went on three hikes. First we hiked along the cliffs from Pamet Valley in Truro and climbed Bearberry Hill. Next we went to Pilgrim Springs and imagined the pilgrims coming to this spot 400 years ago to taste their first fresh water in the New World. Then we hiked all the way around Great Island in Wellfleet. We found a shady spot on the island for lunch. Everyone was hot and tired when we got back to the cars. So we stopped at Wendy’s for ice cream and drinks on the way home.

Camp Greenough Event Evening

Camp Greenough hosted an evening program where the scouts had a good time launching rockets, tomahawks and riflery.

Monomoy Service Project

We helped out the ranger at the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge with clearing trails, replacing fence and installing a new sign.

Winter Camping NH

We drove up Saturday morning to Sandwich, NH and hiked in about 1 mile. The snow was hard and not too deep. So we didn’t need snowshoes. After dropping off our gear at camp, we hiked 5 miles round-trip to Beede Falls. The falling water created a wall of ice and we could crawl between this ice wall and the rock face of the falls.

That night was below 10 degrees. So most of the scouts stayed in the loft of the hunting cabin instead of their tents or snow trenches. We kept a fire going using wood and some peat logs that we brought. So the cabin stayed warm. A bobcat came be the cabin to check us out but didn’t stay long enough for us to get a photo.

Ski Trip

The troop in Sandwich organized a ski trip to King Pine in NH. They setup lodging, meals and lift tickets. Some scouts did snowboarding and the others skiing. Snow conditions were great and the weather was clear and cold. On the last run of the day, the power went out while I was stuck on the ski lift for over 30 minutes and got quite cold. That evening we went swimming in the lodge indoor pool and that night we did snow tubing.



After the cold day out for the Klondike Derby, we went for some indoor fun at Skyzone.

Klondike Derby 2020

We went to the Klondike Derby at Camp Greenough. It was cold but no snow. Activities included fire building, “ice” rescue and sling shot.

Sandy Neck backpack

We hiked out to the Sandy Neck campsite on Saturday morning and setup our tents. In the afternoon, we hiked to the lighthouse at the end of Sandy Neck. We also hung out at the beach and did games like Indian Stick Wrestling. We had a campfire on the beach. Overnight it was clear and cold.